Knanaya community has been sustained since AD 345 for 1700 years by knowing each other and marrying people from within the community. It was easy when everyone lived in a small area in Kerala. Our small population also helped us to keep our relationships strong.

Now our community is spread across the globe. Even though we are Christian, we are split into Jacobite and Catholic. Within the Catholics, we belong to different rites and dioceses. Due to these reasons, we do not have a unified umbrella to keep us together.

Site is an attempt to create that unified umbrella and bring the community together for its future sustainment.

Vision vision is to provide global platform for Knanaya people to keep their history and sustain their traditions, culture and values for generation to come.


  • Create a global database of Knanaya people including the past, present and future
  • Provide a single place to get news and information about the community
  • Create and maintain Knanaya family ancestry
  • Provide a online search tool for finding people
  • Manage Knanaya organization's operational information
  • Create a global communication tool within the community
  • Create a global matrimonial site
  • Provide a way to verify a person's Knanaya identity
  • Provide features like craiglist in major cities within the community
  • Create custom Knanaya family website linked to Ancestry of the family
  • Generate statistics to serve the community better
  • Provide a platform for people to bring changes within the community

Our plan is to add everything in this website to help maintain Knanaya community's culture and growth. More features will be added as time goes.


Sibi Karakkattil

Knanaya Community is a unique community in the world. Sibi considers being born into this community is one of the great blessings he has received from God. As a result of globalization, many communities and cultures are disappearing. It is the duty of every proud community member to protect and sustain it as long as we can. With this in mind, he started this project with a few of his friends.

Sibi started his computer career as a software engineer in Infosys Technologies in 1993 in Bangalore. Since then he had many opportunities to design and create many applications to solve complex business problems of large businesses. He has served the Dallas Knanaya Catholic association for 10 years in various positions, including 4 years as president. With this experience and his information technology knowledge, he believe he can greatly help solve the Knanaya community’s long-term challenges of preserving ancestry and sustaining Knanaya community.

Sibi was born to Philip Karakkattil and Aleyamma (Padinjarel Uzhavoor) as the 6th child in Eravimangalam, near Kaduthuruthy. He is married to Priya (Daughter of K J Joy and late Cicy Mupprapallil). They have three daughters, Reshma, Raina and Rachna. They currently live in Dallas, Texas.


Shibu Jacob Oliyil

Shibu Jacob has more than 25 years of experience in software development spanning different industries. He is the son of K.K. Chacko and Chinnamma Chacko, Oliyil, Kallara. He currently lives in Richmond, VA with his wife Jisna (daughter of A.U. John and Naithikutty John, Pullappally, Kottayam) and their three daughters Leann, Christine and Elaine.

Shibu believes that '' is a great platform to unite Knanaya people around the world by providing a global database and communication tool. He is an active member of Knanaya Catholic Congress of Greater Washington.


Joice Lukose Mattathikunnel

Joice Lukose currently lives in Chicago, Illinois with his wife Jaisy and his two children, Aliya & Alina. He is the son of Lucka and Aley Mattathikunnel, Kallara. His wife Jaisy is from Kothanalloor (Daughter of Mathai & Aleyamma Panayaparambil). He has 23 years experience in software development with various skills in system and programming languages.

Joice believes the '' is a great way to connect all the Knanaya people from around the world and provide better understanding about the community.

Bijoy Theruvath

Bijoy Theruvath lives in Dallas, Texas with wife Princy and their three kids, Evangeline, Dazzle and Mathew.

Bijoy was part of our initial team and helped us to move forward with this project.

Vineeth Kaduthodil

Vineeth lives in Dallas, Texas with wife Lini and their two children Nylah and Nora.

Vineeth was part of our initial team and still support this project in many ways.

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