Our community has been sustained since AD 345 for 1700 years by knowing each other and marrying people from within the community. It was easy when everyone lived in a small area in Kerala. Our small population also helped us to keep our relationships strong.

Now our community is spread across the globe. Even though we are Christian, we are split into Jacobite and Catholic. Within the Catholics, we belong to different rites and dioceses. Due to these reasons, we do not have a unified umbrella to keep us together.

Site KnanayaCommunity.org is an attempt to create that unified umbrella and bring the community together for its future sustainment. This website is created and managed by a group of community loving people.


Knanayacommunity.org vision is to provide global platform for Knanaya people to keep their history and sustain their traditions, culture and values for generation to come.


  • Create a global database of Knanaya people including the past, present and future
  • Provide a single place to get news and information about the community
  • Provide a way for everyone to create and maintain their family ancestry
  • Serve as an online search tool for finding people
  • Provide a way for Knanaya organizations to maintain its operational information
  • Create a global communication tool within the community
  • Create a global matrimonial site
  • Verify a person's Knanaya identity
  • Provide features like craiglist within the community and major cities
  • Generate statistics to serve the community better
  • Provide a platform for people to bring changes within the community

Our plan is add everything in this website to help maintain Knanaya community's culture and growth. More features will be added as time goes.