Mission Statement

To enrich the lives of Knanaya Catholics in Atlanta, by engaging in various activities as a community, such as cultural, charitable, educational and social activities – while promoting the traditions of the Knanaya Catholic Community.

Overview of KCAG

Currently, KCAG have a population of ~100 families, allowing for a close-knit community who can practice their cultural and religious traditions. KCAG has annual events which are strong with members, and filled with youth, allowing for the community members to come together on a regular basis. Annual events include, but aren’t limited to New Year’s Entertainment Programs, Onam Program, the Christmas Cultural Program, Spring sports picnic, Fall Picnic and an Annual Community Basketball and Volleyball Tournament. It also hosts an annual fundraising program, in which proceeds are used to further the Community in its future endeavors. Such events, and the unity of the community are other reason why Atlanta is such an attractive unit for Knanayites to move to!

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