Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Parents, or In-laws register with my registration?
Yes! Parents and In-laws are allowed as long as you are the PRIMARY Registrant and they are registered as your dependent.
Who are the family members that I can register along with my registration?
Can I register first and pay later?
I am 18 years old. Would I be able to register as a single Registrant?
Can I register if I am below 18 years as a single registrant?
Do I need to register my infant child?
I live in Atlanta and prefer to drive in every day for the convention. What would be my choice of registration package?
If I have family members (for example my brother/sister from UK/Australia) from outside North America visiting, would I be able to add them as dependents in my registration?
What is my registration priority date? Is it the day I did my registration online or date full payment received?
Can I choose higher registration package and add my siblings into my registration?
Is there any limit to the number of dependents allowed in any of the single family registration packages?
Can families from CANADA register as foreign registrant?
Can CANADIAN registrants choose the 'Bank-to-Bank' payment option?
Will you send my final registration package by email or postal mail?
Till when can I register for the convention, since I'm not sure as off now?
How do Guests (people from outside USA and Canada) register?
How does Chase quick pay work ?
Can Knanaya Jacobite’s attend the convention?
How do I make sure I get the souvenir benefits?
Do I have an option to choose my banquet meal?
Do I have a choice to purchase additional banquet tickets later?
Can I attend just the banquet only?
Do I have a choice to purchase additional rooms later?